Andras Molnar



While excellence in research is widely celebrated, sought, and incentivized, I believe excellence in teaching is just as important. Scientific progress to a large extent rests upon our ability to pass our knowledge and expertise to students, and to pique their curiosity. To facilitate students' progress, I offer them one-on-one consultation and guidance, and provide detailed and critical feedback on their projects and assignments. Students I am working with represent various fields and levels of training: undergraduates, master's students, graduate students, coming from economics, psychology, public policy, business, or even computer science and history programs.

In addition to my responsibilities as a TA, I am usually actively involved in designing and updating curricula, and I have held guest lectures in several topics, including basics of statistical inference, microeconomics and utility theory, experimental research methods, and education policy.

In April 2018, I have been awarded the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences’ Graduate Student Teaching Award.

Below is a list of courses I have TA'd. To see my TA ratings, click here.

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Fall 2017, Carnegie mellon university

Behavioral Economics & Public Policy

Instructor: George Loewenstein

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Fall 2017, carnegie mellon university

Behavioral Economics (graduate level)

Instructor: George Loewenstein


spring 2017, 2018, carnegie mellon university

Decision Analysis

Instructor: Russell Golman

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Spring 2017, tepper school of business, carnegie mellon university

Behavioral Economics

Instructor: Elif Incekara Hafalir

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fall 2016, carnegie mellon university

Behavioral Economics

Instructor: Alex Imas


Teaching Assistant Ratings

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