Andras Molnar



expertise in empirical research

While my research is motivated by theoretical models of economics and psychology, my projects rely heavily on rigorous behavioral testing. Over the course of my doctoral training, I have gathered a lot of experience in designing and implementing experiments. Since 2013, I have collected and analyzed data from over 70 studies, involving over 32,000 participants. These include a multitude of methods and subject pools: 'classic' lab studies (in-person, pen and paper, individual or interactive), computer lab studies (including group interaction), online surveys, and interactive, custom online experiments. 



Loewenstein, G., & Molnar, A. (2018). The renaissance of belief-based utility in economics. Nature: Human Behaviour, forthcoming.

Heintz, C., Karabegovic, M., & Molnar, A. (2016). The co-evolution of honesty and strategic vigilance. Frontiers in psychology, 7.


Working papers

Molnar, A., & Chaudhry, S. J. (under review). The lesser of two evils: Revealing context to signal generosity.

VanEpps, E. M., Molnar, A., Downs, J. S., & Loewenstein, G. (under review). Choosing the light meal: Dynamic aggregation of calorie information to reduce consumption.

Molnar, A., Heintz, C. (2016). Beliefs about people’s prosociality: eliciting predictions in dictator games. CEU Working Papers, Department of Economics, Central European University. 


research in progress

"When to promote and when to play down the self?: Revealing negative information to create a positive impression." (with Shereen Chaudhry and Silvia Saccardo)

"Salience and curiosity." (with Russell Golman, George Loewenstein, and Silvia Saccardo)

"It’s not about the money. It’s about sending a message!: Interpreting costly punishment as a signal." (with Shereen Chaudhry, Alex Imas, and George Loewenstein)

"The desire to be understood." (with George Loewenstein)