Today begins a new year, and it also marks an important milestone in my career: the launch of my first professional website, as well as my first professional blog. I feel excited about leaving my virtual comfort zone and expose myself, my ideas, and my research to a broader audience.


Why now?

I have been procrastinating for a long time. In the past few years I tried to maintain my online presence on various public and closed platforms (e.g., ResearchGate, Facebook, Mendeley, CMU sites), without having one central site. This has proven to be extremely inefficient and a waste of resources, so I decided to merge and distill everything into a website with a simple and clean design. The ultimate goal is to have everything relevant to my research uploaded or referenced here.


why the blog?

While a CV/resume is an excellent way to convey the most essential information about myself and my work in a clear and concise format, it is strictly limited: its structure and content are rather inflexible, uncreative, and restricted to objective information, it leaves almost no room for deep thoughts, lengthy discussions, and unique approaches. After considering a few options, I decided that I will complement the CV-esque features of my site (bio, research, teaching) with a blog that will be an outlet for everything beyond: money, mind, methods, & more.


what to expect?

The blog will consist of thought-provoking articles in economics, finance, and policy, from the vantage point of psychology, behavioral decision making, and cognitive science. It will also feature topics and discussions in empirical research methods, including tutorials, tips & tricks. Hence the slogan. Finally, I will share useful classroom materials, review and discuss recently published research, and post updates about my own work. There is absolutely no guarantee that these topics will carry an equal weight, the balance will emerge from a long process of trial-and-error with feedback. For now, one thing seems almost certain: I will prioritize quality over quantity, so expect no more than 1-2 blog posts monthly.

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